A New Heart Thank You Card

Here’s a new Heart Thank You card we’ve added which you can also find in the Thank You section.

It features the Printy Card logo and is only £1.45.

Once downloaded, you can print and use it as many times as you like (free envelopes here).

Save the Planet

When you buy a greetings card from a shop, it will already have a high carbon footprint.

Often printed in China, they’re imported which uses up packaging and a lot of air miles. In addition, a store-bought card will often have many non-recycling elements such as a plastic wrapper, and elements such as glitter and foil.

Printing your own card at home none of these issues, apart from any miles associated with shipping the paper to your front door.

You can choose your own paper, from regular white A4 paper from Amazon, Staples, or Rymans, or you can buy recycled paper.

Save Money

Store-bought greetings cards are expensive and very importantly – YOU CAN ONLY USE THEM ONCE!

Printy cards are about half the price of store-bought cards, and the beauty is, one you’ve bought a Printy Card, you can print it and use it over and over.

Help a Charity

When you buy a Printy Card, you can select a charity at check-out.

Twenty Five Percent of the cost of the card will go to that charity.

It’s important to re-state that it’s not 25% of any profit we make, it’s 25% of the cost of the card.

Click here to see how all this works