Printy Card Envelopes

All envelopes are free to download and print forever…

Click on any envelope design to open the PDF for printing.

Video below on how to fold the A4 sheet into an envelope in six easy folds.

Plain Envelope

A Simple plain envelope front with no markings at all

Envelope with Address Lines & Stamp Locator

Par Avion Envelope

Save yet more paper and carbon footprint with this “par avion” design for cards being posted overseas

Christmas Envelopes

A choice of three types of Christmas envelope

Heart Envelope

For many types of occasion, from “Thank You”, to “I Love You”

Party / Balloons Envelope

For party invitations, birthdays and more

Recycle Envelope

Flowers Envelope

For many types of occasion, including “I miss you”, “Thinking of you”, and “In Sympathy”

Back of the Envelope

The back of every Printy Card envelope looks like this

How to Fold your Printy Card Envelope

In just six easy folds, you can make your own Printy Card envelope which looks awesome, and saves money, pulp and carbon footprint…

Printing the Envelopes

We suggest you print envelopes at 100% scale on A4 paper.

Apart from plain white paper, try also: pastel coloured paper (light blue and pink look good), or recycled paper with “bits in” – for example, flowers.

Ideas on Different kind of Paper for Printy Envelopes

Click here for a list of recommended suppliers of groovy A4 paper which you can turn into awesome envelopes at home.

Any New Ideas for the Envelope?

If you have an idea for an envelope please click here to tell us all about it.

Anyone who suggests an envelope design which we love and put online, will will a 50% discount voucher for life.